I love books more than cupcakes.
I love books more than movies.
I love books more than anything in the world

And the children laughed, giggled and chuckled in approval.

That’s the sound Shabnam Minwalla heard as she inspired with the little ones with her journey to become a Children’s author.  She then thrilled the children by reading an adventure from her book with her beloved character, Nimmi Daruwala.

This is just a glimpse of the Delight that was the Cozy Nook Children’s Literature Festival at ILM Montessori.

Cozy Nook Lit Fest

Watch the video here.

Books. Stories. Imagination. Poetry. They were everywhere.

It reads like a fairy tale. This abiding love of books and stories in a world that’s been taken over by iPhones, tablets and swashbuckling CGI heroes.

The Cozy Nook Children’s Literature Festival 2018 and its astounding success stands testament to the fact that nothing can take away from the wonder of a heart-touching, well-told story and an engrossing, entertaining book.

Not even all the wonders of the technological world.

We didn’t anticipate the level of interest or attendance.

The ILM grounds came alive with the patter of small feet, the chatter of excited voices and the intense focus of parents, who looked like they were greeting an old friend as they pored over the cornucopia of delights at the Funky Rainbow bookstall.

“Go Away… I am Reading!”, said the parents.

“Go Away… I am Reading!”, said the parents.

7 Hours. Dozens of Lives Changed. The Return of the Age of Books:

The Cozy Nook Children’s Literature Festival stretched from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on 18th November 2018. But the 7 hours cultivated a lifetime of storytelling love in the dozens of kids who chose to enjoy the mirth of Gajapati Kulapati and the antics of Butterfinger, instead of their usual Sunday morning cartoon fare.

The vibrant Aunty Jo with her bag of stories held them rapt.

The loving Aditi De introduced them to the world of poems and how great prose always has a little bit of poetry in it.

When Gajapati Kulapati sneezed, the shrieks of delight were music to our ears.

Gajapati Kulapati

Watch the video here

And for that evening, Ashok Rajagopalan became a the autograph signing superstar who has the approval of every parent.

Till the next edition of the Lit Fest, we’re leaving you with pictures that speak a thousand words and tell a million stories. 🙂