The group of young fathers have come a long way since they combined forces to start Ilm Montessori to mould your tiny tots into true individuals of tomorrow.

High on inspiration and motivation, they kick-started this ambitious journey with late night discussions that often ran to early mornings to formulate a solid vision of nurturing young minds through value based education. The principles of the Montessori Method sharing similarities with the school’s motto of “Inspiring lives with Meaning”, was chosen primarily for its ability to spark a lifelong love of learning.

Our “founding fathers” visited several Montessori Schools in Bangalore to familiarize themselves with the know-hows and brace everyone on board for the challenges that lie ahead. Soon they identified a successful USP, propelling the school to offer something innovative and exciting to set Ilm apart from other schools. Every member exudes enthusiasm, passion and firm belief in values and this overshadows the their lack of prior experience in such a venture.

Unwilling to compromise on the quality of education, Ilm’s founders made a conscious effort to build a faculty and management that shares its energy, passion, imbibes its vision and harbours the desire and ambition to grow and learn with a start-up.

Thrilled and overwhelmed with the response, Ilm’s team is currently made up of lively people who genuinely love their work and those who possess the rare distinction of being employed entirely on the basis of their unique qualities and interests. Reflecting vibrancy and wisdom, the team is an ideal combination of youth and experience. Every stage of planning generates widespread buzz sending everyone into a flurry of activity. With an infectious zeal irrespective of their roles and tasks every member actively pitches in, channelling their resources towards making this the newest and hippiest Montessori school.

Despite racing against time with pressure to achieve targets and meet deadlines with regard to the development of this school, this “dream team” gives plenty of room for creative improvisation. Resembling a family, all members fervently motivate one another, bringing out the best in all aspects whether it is designing a logo or deciding the interior layouts.

Ilm’s obsession with perfection and excellence arises from the aspiration to create an atmosphere based on love and warmth, sharing your dream of giving your child a flying start by instilling in them a sense of responsibility towards themselves and others. United, exhilarated and beaming with pride at the prospect of witnessing a long awaited dream shaping their reality, Ilm has warded off unwanted anxiety and apprehension that often fuel the chaos and frenzy characteristic of most start ups. By internalizing the “legendary philosophy” of “Keep Calm and Carry on” Ilm is unfazed by obstacles and remains grounded and focused.

As you prepare yourself and your child for this coming year, Ilm wants to remind you that your child is not alone. The entire team of Ilm radiates the eagerness of taking confident strides with your child in making this a truly memorable, momentous and enjoyable journey.