As we’re in the midst of the holiday season, children are in the midst of vacations, cartoons and toys.

One of the toys that I was most fascinated with as a boy was Lego.  I have fond memories of playing endlessly with Lego bricks.  We couldn’t really afford those big expensive lego sets.  I would ogle at the complicated sets at the toy store and at my friends’ homes.  One has to marvel at the precise engineering of this little toy brick.  This brick allows you to create cars, planes, super heroes and even pieces of art that sell for large undisclosed sums.  A toy that children and adults spend hours on the floor creating their own personal masterpieces.

If you are impressed with the lego toy, you’ll be just bowled over about the evolution of this little brick.  How this toy brick came about is an amazing story of grit, persistence and creativity.  The animated story of the Lego brick is a must watch. Just 17 minutes long, do have a look and share your thoughts below.  To watch the story, click here or click the image below.

The LEGO® Story - YouTube