IMG_0987On Tuesday morning when Karthik walked into school ten minutes late with his trademark grin on his face, we knew that our “Birthday Boy” had arrived in style.

As we deliberately avoided wishing him and went about welcoming him like any other kid at school, he mischievously announced, “Today is my Birthday!”

At 10:45 AM, the cake had arrived, the kids were seated and the globe was placed but the celebrations were put on hold as we were waiting for a special guest to join us.

After a few minutes, Karthik’s mother entered the environment with the special guest who was none other than Karthik’s older brother!

IMG_0978As our cameras flashed, our Birthday Boy looked a bit shy, but he certainly enjoyed being in the spotlight and soaked in all the attention he was getting from everyone around him.

Describing Karthik as an energetic, sensitive and fun loving kid, both his mother and brother shared three of their fondest memories of him growing up with all his friends as the Montessori globe activity was carried out.

IMG_0991Just like our Birthday Boy, the cake brought a huge smile onto the faces of all the kids who were waiting for this moment. Without any further delay, the “Happy Birthday” song was song as three candles were being lit.

The candles were quickly blown away by an excited Karthik after which the delicious cake was cut, served and relished by all the kids and staff members.

The celebrations had come to an end, but Karthik unlike other kids decided to stay back at school while his brother used this opportunity to spend time observing his little brother’s school and friends on this special day.