It was the last day of school and Dia’s birthday celebration was the perfect way to end this academic year on a high.

IMG_1253On her special day, Dia looked really pretty in her red and green suit and was surrounded by her “buddies” Saud, Saket and Maryam.

IMG_1252Dia’s Black Forest cakes (yes, there were two of them) were more than just creamy tasty. They reminded
us that Dia was not yet, but “almost 5” as she would complete 5 some time in early April.

IMG_1258Like all our birthday celebrations, this one too began with the Globe Activity with an excited Dia carrying the globe around the yellow line 5 times while her parents shared some interesting things about her with everyone.

IMG_1259The cake was presented, lit with 5 candles and it was time to clap and sing the “Happy Birthday” song.
Dia was very excited but soon turned shy with all the attention she was getting. She has also had a tough time blowing the candles as they refused to go out in a single blow.

Here are some more pictures of the birthdays celebrations.