After the success of our Report on How to choose the Perfect Pre-school for your Child, which was downloaded and read by over 300 people, we’ve decided to take things up a notch and start working on another report.

Our next report, tentatively titled, “How to Select a Primary/High School” will help parents figure out everything they need to know about selecting an appropriate school for their child. By chalking out a practical approach based on factual information, this report would guide parents to arrive at a decision they won’t regret.

The report will be initially released as a series of 3 to 4 blogposts before it is neatly designed and packaged to be downloaded. If you haven’t already read our previous report which was released in a similar fashion, you can read it here.

Here’s a very brief description of the various topics that would be extensively covered in 3 main sections in this report:

Get to know the various Curriculum/Boards:
This section would help you understand the various boards that exist in India and would highlight the key differences between ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, IB, Matriculation, State Boards etc.

Factors to Consider before you choose a Curriculum/Board
Once you’ve familiarized yourself with the boards, this section will consist of a checklist that will help you to decide which curriculum is best suited for your child’s needs and ambitions.

How to Assess the School get Admission
After you have narrowed down on a curriculum or board this section with its list of guidelines and reliable sources that will enable you to assess schools on certain specific parameters. This also includes a section on how to successfully cross the last hurdle, the much dreaded admission process.

We’re open to suggestions as always so let us know what you think about the guidelines we plan to cover. Also, we’ll be more than happy to alter or even add a few topics you think we missed and fit well into the context of this report. 🙂