Timeless David Allen Wisdom at our GTD Workshop

We at ILM are sticklers for perfection. And in pursuit of this perfection and efficiency, we value training sessions immensely. We all know and agree that it is important to expose kids to new concepts and paradigms to build a solid educational foundation.  To do so, it’s important to keep ourselves up to speed with the latest productivity and organisational skills to come up on top of our hectic schedules and performance expectations.

On 30th May, ILM became the first school to be trained in David Allen’s, Getting Things Done methodology.  Advisors, Staff and Trustees gathered bright and early to be instructed by GTD Certified Trainers Mohammed Ali Vakil and Arif Vakil.

What is GTD or Getting Things Done?

Getting Things Done is the global phenomenon methodology founded by consultant and author David Allen. It is adopted by bigwigs all over the world,from NASA, KPMG and Cisco to IBM, Hewlett Packard and Lucasfilms, it has a long list of evangelists with impressive names.

It’s based on the premise that your mind is for having ideas, not holding them!

GTD helps you capture anything and everything that has your attention into a trusted external system, so that you can remember the right thing at the right time and focus on an agreement or a commitment only when you have the resources to wrap it up successfully.

GTD allows creatives, businessmen, professionals and even dedicated Montessori staff to be 100% present in situations with alacrity and no distractions in the form of  nagging open-loops that demand ‘doing’ – all day, every day! This automatically translates into more ‘out of the box thinking’ and high productivity!

What are the benefits of practising Getting Things Done?

For individuals and institutions practising Getting Things Done the benefits are humongous!

They can:
– Prioritise with confidence
– Know intuitively what needs to be focused upon urgently and what can be tackled later
– Ensure that ‘stuff’ doesn’t fall through the cracks any more
– Overcome procrastination
– Be ‘present’ in the moment and live life to the fullest

The session was extremely engaging and interactive.  We came away with a ton of insights, laughs and actionable to-dos.

Now training Montessorians everywhere

By the way, if you are a Montessori teacher and would be keen to attend our GTD training sessions, please email us at:  We’d be more than happy to have you at our next training session.

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As always, we leave you with some lovely pictures to share the memories…..

Participants practicing the “Fundamental Thinking Process”

Ali handing Madura a prize for winning the GTD Grid Game!


Participants conducting a “mindsweep” to capture all that has their attention.


GTD Resources & More


Engagement was Sky-High!!


Trustee Masroor now GTD certified!


ILM Principal Rekha Ishwardas also certified!


The Whole Team – GTD Certified!