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Strike a Pose ILMites!

It Never Really gets Easier. You just get Better.

A much anticipated event every year is the ILM sports Day. Yup, a day dedicated to excellence, sporting prowess and of course barrels of fun! A day when  students pour their hearts  into winning that 100m dash. Yet don’t shed a single tear when they see friends beating them to the finish line. Because the best performers deserve to win! Ofcourse winning is immensely fun on it’s own. But recognising that it’s not the point is even more important and lays the foundation stone of great character development.

  • Recognizing that you are your only competitor and striving to be a better, faster, stronger version of yourself! 
  • Continuing to learn and grow, no matter what the odds!

Those are the twin purposes of the ILM Sports Day. Some may say, they are the essence of life too. Hence our sports day motto: It never really gets easier. Son, you just get better!

This year the Program List of our Sports Day was chock full of variety and gave everybody involved – from teachers to trustees, from students to parents a chance to forget their worries and just immerse themselves in the electric exhilaration.

Needless to say they all left a little more tired and a lot happier than before!

The Roster of Drills and Races:

The celebrations kicked off with the Sportsman Spirit Oath. Oaths are important. They solemnize an occasion. And moreover it is just fantastically cute to witness neat little rows of ILM students, focusing hard on getting the words right and really embodying the intention of sticking to fair play and participation for the sake of improvement – not just the final win!

Elementary children taking Oath

“We promise that we will take part……”

Pre-Primary Sports Drill

This drill was executed to perfection by ILM tiny tots and showed parents that when genuine interest and gentle guidance come together, even little ones can achieve flawless synchronization.

Chicken dance

All together now…

Running Race:

Anish, Abdullah, Ghazi, Mohammed Ali and Archit vied for the 1st position in this simple but entertaining straight race. The lush green of the ILM play-yard was the ideal backdrop for the crisp chalk lines and more than a few attendees were instantly transported to their days of innocent fun!

Pick and Drop:

They may be barely three years old but they are children with a purpose. The quintet of Anish, Abdullah, Ghazi, Mohammed Ali and Archit stepped into the fray again – this time to pick up and drop two rings, one ball and one cone all in the right order and without crashing into each other. This little race was a comedy of errors.  One the children and parents enjoyed for its hilarity.  Good show kids!

Pick & Drop

Drop the items okay….not each other!!

The Relay Race

Two teams. 10 determined kids. And a group of cheering maters and paters made for a round of intense relay. There was nothing to find fault with. Even after Garv made a close inspection of the proceedings!

Garv inspecting

Hmm….Everything okay here!

The Hammer Throw:

Thor wasn’t around. But Atif, Sannidhi, Rishi, Aaniya, Anyra, Garv, Pranav, Hamna & Rayan did their very best to serve in his place. And boy did they pitch. Happy to report that no toes were stubbed and the furthest throw won the game.

Only the Worthy May Lift The Hammer

Only the worthy may lift the hammer

Get Ready and Go:

The objective here was for the students to go part of the way to pick up and put on their gowns, then a short distance more to wear their gloves and finally pick up the Rugby ball to race to the finish line.  Anyra, Ali, Anusree,Karthik, Saketh & Nayanica struck one over the fence. It was challenging but like everything else a lot of fun.

Wearing gowns …..Gaahhh….this is difficult!

The Javelin Throw:

The event took a ‘conventional’ turn with the javelin throw. But did they work with boring old diskettes? No! These were fancy yellow rockets just waiting to soar high with a well timed shove from the ILM prodigies.

Ali & Saketh for the Javelin

Ma…I can fly….Oops I mean my rocket can!

The Ball Dribbling:

This one tested the concentration and team work of the kids as they had to ‘dribble’ a ball to the finish line in partnership – basketball style!  Dia and Eva can be seen here racing towards a photo-finish!

Ball Dribbling by our Elementary girl's

Stay in place…stay in place…stay in place

The High point of the event… The High Jump!

An obstacle course relay race for the elementary teams.  Split into teams of two, it took skill, prowess and team work of the Elementary children to ensure that you’re the first one to cross the obstacles and back.  This one too drew more than its share of whoops and cheers.

I Will Fly....

I will fly….

Elementary Sports Drill

The grand finale was truly grand! The ‘bigger’ kids took to the floor er…ground and matched feet and steps to the rhythm of the imminently singable ‘There came a girl from France’ by Raffi.

There came a girl...

There came a girl from France

The Tug of War:

Not a part of the official event list, the ILM Sports Day also bore witness to games of strength between its fathers, its staff members and its students as multiple rounds of tug of war were organized and played with much vigour. Impromptu fun tickles us the most.

Tug of war between fathers

Don’t let that rope go….

As the icing on the cake, medals and certificates were handed to the winners. But there was no sense of disappointment in those who didn’t receive either! They knew they are little troopers.

Medal Distribution 1

Receiving love & cheers

Medal Distribution 2

Really? Shaking hands with the winner eh? 

We leave you with more precious memories frozen in time. If this post brought back a few smiles, cheer for your little ones again. They deserve it!

Our little once excited for the Sports day

Big eyes check…happy smiles check

The pitch set for get ready n go

The resplendent battle field

A coach giveng high five to Ali

Precious moments from a precious day!

Ali in the game -Get ready-

All (Ali) in the name of games!

Tug of war with Team Avishkar sports looks on

Ready for the battle of strength

The ilm family picture

A family picture….say cheese