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We at ILM love to push the boundaries of what is possible! We are always on the lookout for new and exciting tools which would broaden the horizons of  students.  Tools that give our students a foundation of basic knowledge that is far beyond what traditional education deems right for a particular ‘standard’ or ‘age’.

We came across an interesting game called Valence as a Kick-starter project and decided to invest in it’s production.  It took a good 10 months till we received the card game.  On finally receiving it, I first played it with my nephews to understand the rules and get a feel of the deck. And boy, is it addictive!  Furthermore, I could see one couldn’t help but be introduced to advanced Chemistry concepts in the process of playing.

After I got a hang of the game, I was raring to introduce this to my children at ILM. After a couple of rounds, they took to the game like fish to H2O (oops water).  Without even making an effort they learnt and began using advanced chemistry concepts.  Students who are young as 6 years, were using terms such as  ‘electrovalency’, ‘base’, ‘acids’ and ‘hydrocarbons’ with extreme ease and fluency.   Terms that would make a 12 year old in Grade 6 students groan!

Schools and teachers who are keen to pickup this game can do so here.  Needless to say it shall stimulate and educate your children to a the wonderful subject of Chemistry.

In the meantime, here is a video of the ILM-ites playing Valence like pros and bonding with the world of chemistry in a way we never thought was possible.