The best thing about living in the 21st century – technology.

The worst thing about living in the 21st century – technology.

It’s wonderfully convenient. But it is also addicting and all pervasive. Yes, it is great to have kids who can handle mobile phones that put you to shame and find information faster than you can say “books”.

But there is something sad about the way tech can detach them from their childhood. It’s almost as if they grow up too fast.

Give Them Childhood Memories They’ll Cherish & Real World Skills They’ll Thank You For:

Summer’s aren’t just for homework and ice-cream. The holidays can be a wonderful extension of the effortless learning they enjoy at ILM.

The ILM Montessori Summer Camp has become a tradition. And we’re bringing back the carefully selected and thoughtfully designed mix of activities to promote:
– Creativity & Imagination
– Enhanced empathetic communication
– Love of sports
So that decompressing becomes a habit that children will carry through to adulthood.

There will be lots of running and shouting.
There will be lots of enthralled shrieks and “oohs” of delight.
There will be lots of scuffed shoes and stained clothes.
There will be children being children and that’s worth all the money in the world.

We Don’t React to Facts & Figures. We React to Stories:

Story-telling leaves an indelible mark.
Storytelling sets Apple apart from the hundreds of other brands in the market.
Storytelling has built companies and won elections.

It doesn’t matter what career your little one chooses, the skill of presenting information in a way that touches human emotions is the key to success.

ILM Summer Tales (for ages: 3 to 6)

Lessons come to Life

ILM Summer Tales is a special Story Telling Session for 3 to 6 year olds.

Facilitated by Tasneem Nakhoda, whose summer camp Marshmallows is the very best in engagement Koramangala has to offer, the stimulating, fantastical words of authors like Dr. Seuss, Eric Carle and Maurice Sendak will come to life for your children.

Little ones will not only revel in the stories that generations of kids have grown up to, they’ll also cement the moral lessons in them by re-enacting the stories and letting their emotions find free expression.

Tasneem is proficient at Counselling for Emotional Well-Being and Training in Life Skills. She knows how to spark a love for deeper connection in children and they intuitively understand the concept of being in human company to relax. Something the increasingly alienated world desperately needs.

Tribe of Tellers (for ages: 6 to 11)

Nisha is energy and story-telling personified

Tribe of Tellers is Nisha Abdulla’s flagship story-telling program for children aged 6 to 11 years.

Nisha a Performance Storyteller, Writer and Theatre Practitioner. She brings the power of stories and her theatre training to various learning situations through a unique 10 day module that introduces children to storytelling genres and techniques, and teaches them the art of performance storytelling.

Tribe of Tellers is immensely popular and ILM is hosting it this year. The workshop includes:

  • Watching videos of international professional storytellers.
  • Learning techniques such as visualization, voice modulation, body language and expression.
  • Understanding and appreciating the various genres and techniques of storytelling.
  • Overcoming inhibition and developing stage presence.
  • Building confidence and clarity in communication.

Developing the Body with the Mind:

Acing it!

Finding Balance…

Children don’t get adequate exercise. Period!

It is not enough to cultivate the mind. The body needs flexibility and strength too.

This is why ILM’s Summer Camp focuses on a multi-skilled, interesting sports program that fosters a genuine love of movement in little ones.

This segment is conducted by KidSportZ – an organization dedicated to making sports an integral part of our children’s lives. They focus on structured progress and positive, individualized attention so that kids can:

  • Improve their bodily coordination
  • Develop confidence in themselves
  • Face competition in day to day life without being threatened or overwhelmed by it
  • Embrace the sportsman spirit
  • And a lot more

Three to six year olds will participate in the Softball sessions and the six to eleven year olds will have the chance to give Football a try. Both groups will also go through other activities designed to best serve their progress.

The ILM Summer Camp is not just an excuse for kids to pass time or be in the company of others their age. We’ve chosen facilitators who are the absolute best in their fields and can help little ones align with their mind, their body and with the larger community for multi-faceted development. You’ll wish you had the chance to join these sessions. We know we do! 🙂

Other Details:

Date: 2nd April to 13th April
Time: 10 AM to 1 PM

Venue: ILM Montessori

Rs. 4000/- (3-6 years)
Rs. 5000/- (6-11 years)

To register please call 99000-25633 or email us at