On February 8th 2014, ILM Montessori reached a milestone when we inaugurated our Primary Section just 8 months after we began this incredible journey of Inspiring Lives with Meaning.

By creating a beautiful designed Primary Montessori environment, we added another feather to our cap by becoming the only Primary school in Koramangala that follows the Montessori Methodology.



The two hour program commenced with the ribbon cutting ceremony, and who better than the eminent Montessorian Mrs Mukherjee of Arunoday Montessori to do the honors.

Our invitees that primarily included both existing and prospective parents, guests and well-wishers were given ample time to leisurely view the Primary Environment and admire the Montessori Materials during the “Open House”. Mrs Rameeza Naushad, the Primary adult/teacher for the coming academic year briefly explained the learning process and even demonstrated some of the materials.


The Autumn/Fall themed bulletin board inside the environment charted out the process of learning through the five great stories/lessons was aptly titled, “Fall in Love with Learning.”

IMG_2308 Our Founder/Trustee Vasim Patela and Emcee for the evening, spoke about ILM’s vision that is far from existing stereotypical models of education that churn out meek followers instead of courageous leaders. ILM’s Principal Seema Jagirdar, in her Welcome Address highlighted the significant progress made by ILM Montessori that’s presently in its first academic year.

The Welcome Address was soon followed by a talk titled, “Montessori for Primary: Learning for the Real World” that was given by Mrs Rama Reddy, a renowned Montessorian and Trustee at the Indian Institute for Montessori Studies (IIMS). Mrs Rama was at her casual best as she narrated her experience as a Montessori Adult by giving a first hand account of witnessing her children grow leaps and bounds.

2014-02-08 17.14.50There was a never a dull moment in her talk, that generated applause, had the audience in fits of laughter and in awe (remember the bucket of water and rope act?) all at the same time. During the Q&A, Mrs Rama not only answered parents questions and concerns but also gave them enough fodder to think and re-evaluate the unrealistic goals set by the society and them for their children.

While Team ILM felt relief and pride, the parents on the other hand felt reassured hearing an experienced and renowned educationist raving about the Montessori Methodology and the unconventional decision made by ILM.

2014-02-08 17.57.53Taking off from where Mrs Rama left, Dr Mateen our Founder/Trustee explained how the vision of ILM sets us apart from the rest and spoke about the sheer injustice and the raw deal fate had handed him. He expressed his regret over not getting an opportunity to learn or get educated the most natural way aka the Montessori way. 🙂

2014-02-08 18.19.38We also had a couple of our existing Pre-Primary parents, Mr Ayappa and Mrs Malini talking about their ILM experience as they described some of their kids’ incidents that made them proud and happy. While Ayappa narrated his daily interactions his 2 year old Anyra, Malini spoke about her 3 and half year old Saket’s love of reading and writing neatly.

IMG_2329It was soon time for our Founder/
Trustee Mr Arif Vakil to give the Vote of Thanks where he expressed our gratitude towards everyone associated with ILM and especially to those who made it an eventful evening by accepting our invitation.

IMAG2086The evening’s proceedings had now come to an end, but for everyone at ILM, it marked the beginning of one the most anticipated activity we had planned for the evening.

Titled, “Reach For Your Dreams” this was a wishlist activity where everyone got a chance to write their wish for ILM.
Some of the best wishes we received were not bouquets but notes on little post-its wishing ILM to nurture Nobel Laureates and inspiring a generation that looks beyond what others see.

So we reached a milestone with the Primary Section, but we have promises to keep, and miles to go before we sleep and miles to go before we sleep. 🙂

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