Birthdays at ILM Montessori just keep getting bigger and better as Maryam and Garv turned a year older and cuter. 🙂


On January 23rd Maryam celebrated her fifth and on January 31st Garv celebrated his third birthday. Although Maryam and Garv chose to “celebrate” their birthdays on the 23rd Of January and 31st Of January respectively, their real birth dates are 30th of December and 4th of February respectively. This was simply because one birth date happened to be right in the middle of Christmas Vacation and the other was right in the middle of a family vacation. 😛

Here are some of the best moments and highlights captured during these two celebrations.


The Globe Game:
Just like all other birthdays, the celebrations began with the much loved Montessori Globe activity during snack time. It was time for their parents to relive and narrate some of Maryam and Garv’s precious moments while Maryam and Garv proudly went around the yellow line.


IMG_1128The Picture Perfect Cakes: If Maryam’s feisty “Cheetah” cake surprised us, Garv’s “Cars’ Lightning Mcqueen” cake was a no brainer. On one hand, Maryam’s cake broke the stereotype that girls prefer Dora and Barbie themed cakes, the “Cars” school bag, t-shirt and watch Garv wore to school on his special day were enough for everyone to know what the cake would look like. Boys just love their car toys.

IMG_2739During Maryam’s Birthday, the excitement reached its peak when some of the kids who are still settling into school got restless and wanted to get a piece of cake and action.
Without any delay, we sang the happy birthday song, the candles were blown and the cameras flashed as a shy Maryam blushed.

A week later, we were celebrating again. This time it was Garv’s bright red birthday cake that attracted a lot of attention from especially the boys. An excited and animated Garv blew the candles, cut the cake and unfazed by the spotlight posed happily for the cameras.

Needless to say these short and sweet surprise parties not only cheer up the kids but also give members of the staff an opportunity to make activities at schools interesting for the kids. Maryam and Garv’s birthday celebrations were definitely two of a kind and at ILM Montessori we can have a cake and eat it too!