Intense focus. Faces scrunched up in concentration.

What are these tiny tots up to?

Is it a game? Is it education?

Since we’re talking about the world of Montessori, it is indeed both.

Watch these little ones make quick work of 4 digit addition – something even grade 3 students struggle with.

When Tiny Tots Take Charge:

Zuha and Aaniya are a couple of 5 year olds. They are as precocious as any other 5 year old. They are just as excitable and enthusiastic.

But Zuha and Aaniya have super powers.

  1. They can add four digit numbers effortlessly
  2. They can take charge of a live shoot and dominate it like a couple of bosses

Wait….. that’s wrong.

Zuha and Aaniya possess these super powers along with every other ILMite. That’s the magic of Montessori learning.

Doing Maths vs Understanding Maths:

Montessori goes beyond “doing” Mathematics. It helps students really understand Mathematics.

And this is superbly displayed by the Stamp Game.

We have added the video here for your enjoyment. If you like your little hosts and instructors, do please leave a comment below encouraging their work. And don’t forget to take note of how they clean up after the task is done – even though the camera is rolling.

That’s what Montessori does – it makes being organised and confident a habit.