Ever since word spread about ILM expanding to Primary school for kids aged between 6-9 years, we’ve been flooded with queries on what methodology we’re going to adopt and which board we’re getting affiliated to.

To be very honest, the very idea of us adopting the Montessori Methodology for Primary has got mixed reactions with parents extremely concerned about Montessories’ unconventional ways and its impact on their children’s educational future.

We pretty much anticipated these raised eyebrows and that’s why we’re hopeful that this *timely* blogpost will convince our existing and prospective parents into believing that Montessories also make excellent Primary Schools.

The following table highlights the key differences between Montessori and Traditional schools. We’re quite optimistic that after reading the table, you will be convinced that we, at ILM made the right choice in our effort to prepare our students for life. A life that goes beyond just academic success and failures.


And if you think it looks good only on paper, watch this really short video below, that we posted ages ago again. Be amazed at how the same old boring lessons can be brought to life in a Montessori Primary classroom.

All of us at ILM Montessori truly believe that Montessories make excellent Primary Schools. By starting our Primary school, we’re being not being idealistic. We’re just being optimistic and realistic. 😀