ILM Observation Session

ILM doesn’t believe in complacency.

Even though we have had many firsts – including the distinction of being the first school in India to be trained in GTD, we are always looking for ways to beat our own record.

And one such endeavour is the ‘Observation Session’ arranged for parents in the month of February & March. As an academic year winds down, we invite proud mothers and fathers to see their little ones in action. This hour long Observation Session is followed by a rigorous meeting with the instructors where guardians are updated of their child’s progress and encouraged to contribute valuable feedback on how the experience can be made more rewarding for the students.

Why the Observation Session?


Proud Mama

Report cards are not very telling are they?

There are a few cryptic ‘numbers’ or ‘grades’ that give guardians a very faint idea of how their children have performed relative to the rest of the class.

At ILM however, the goal is to let parents gauge for themselves:

  • The holistic progress of their wards
  • Tangible, measurable improvements in various areas like maths and language
  • The behavior of the students when they are away from the disciplined home environment

And we are happy to say that the efforts paid off. Parents were amazed and gratified by the co-ordination, collaboration and communication between the children of different grades.  They also discovered skills and abilities they didn’t think their kids possessed.

Hamna’s mother said, “Happy to see that Hamna has improved a lot in her language work. Didn’t know she could join letters to make words


Karthik’s father thanked us with, “We know how he behaves at home. But at school, it was always darker till my Observation Day



Maryam’s people were delighted and they added, “We were particularly happy to see Maryam work proficiently with the language material. Correctly identify the nouns, the verbs, the adjectives and the adverbs. And she is only in Grade 1



The Observation Session, just like the Orientation Session, is just one of the many interactions that ILM has planned for its parents. We believe in transparency! And in educating both students and their guardians about the effectiveness and principles of the Montessori methodology so that they can complement at home what is being imparted in school.