Silent-Journey (1)

Last week ILM Montessori organized the highly anticipated “Silent Journey” Session in our newly launched Primary Section.

This unique two hour program was designed for parents to experience a typical day in a Montessori Classroom, where they are presented with an opportunity to work with Montessori Materials, follow actual lessons and ask questions relating to their children.

This highly beneficial program meant specifically for our existing and prospective parents aims to provide an insight into the transition and continuity of Montessori education by enhancing the parents’ understanding of how and what a student learns in a Primary Montessori Classroom.

Here are some pictures of last week’s session where enthusiastic parents stepped into their kids’ learning environment.


A Geography lesson in session.


Who says you need desks, chairs and a blackboard to learn. All you need is a beautiful spacious environment, a mat and working material of your choice.


You can choose to work alone, with a partner or with a little group.





If you are parent or know anyone else who may be interested in being a part of this wonderful journey, do get in touch with us as our second session of “Silent Journey” is scheduled to take place on 14th March 2014, Friday evening from 4:30 PM to 6:30 PM.

As there is a limit on the number of seats, kindly confirm your registration as soon as possible. You can do so, either by calling us (9900025633) or sending us an e-mail to