ThePinkTowerLast week, we proudly announced that ILM Montessori supports “Building the Pink Tower”, which will be a feature-length documentary film that opens our eyes to what Montessori education means today.

With the help of educators, neuroscientists, families, and children, it hopes to answer some of the most challenging questions about the true goal of education and what our children need.

The working title of the project, Building the Pink Tower, takes its inspiration from the Pink Tower which is an essential Montessori material found in pre-primary environments. A venture by two Montessori moms, they are inspired, like the young children in a Montessori classroom, to build a beautiful story, and learn something along the way.

Here’s a beautiful video they’ve made that allows you to take a peek inside the Montessori Classroom and what to expect from the documentary.

To get all the inside scoop on the status of the film and if you’d like to contribute, click here.

At ILM, we not only believe in Inspiring Lives with Meaning, but also strongly believe in getting ourselves inspired by supporting such wonderful initiatives that will shape the future of education. 🙂