Why Montessories make the best Nurseries/Pre-Schools

The Montessori Method of education is making its presence felt in the education circles with its growing popularity among parents hoping to give their children a perfect start to their education.

Here’s a list of the characteristic features that make Montessories the ideal pre-schools/nurseries for parents who desire and will settle for nothing but the best for their little ones.

The Philosophy:

They believe that children should look forward to coming to school every day by making the best use of your child’s learning and growing years.

The Curriculum:

The five comprehensive areas of learning are based on material that allows them to actively enjoy the process of learning. This ensures all round development as children begin to radiate and articulate knowledge with confidence and skill.

The Teachers:

They genuinely love children and don’t nag or force children at any given time. They affectionately motivate and encourage children and patiently strive to unlock their potential by building on the children’s strengths and working with them on their weaknesses.

Assessment Process:

iStock_homeworkChildren are not burdened with homework as most of the learning takes place at school. As active recipients of learning, they are assessed on the basis of their intellectual and social skills, encouraged to think freely and ask questions without any inhibitions.

Mixed Age Group:

The mixed age group (2 to 6 years) helps children interact with kids from different backgrounds, cultures and ages, inculcating essential values that help the classroom function as a community that shares, cares and celebrates each other’s progress in unity.

Freedom and Independence:

Children are encouraged to choose a learning activity or material that interests them. They can also eat and use the bathroom whenever they need to. If they require assistance in these areas, the school takes it upon itself to train them to eat and use the restroom independently.

Learning Environments:

Learning takes place both inside and outside the montessori classroom. The outdoor learning environment like the sandpit, gardening and play area have their own place in the curriculum and are not mere “playtime” activities to distract children.

Parent Friendly:

Montessori schools are open for admissions year round, so there’s no need to panic on missing the usual (February to June) admission season. They also allow parents to observe children at work in the Montessori environment before they take admission.