Seeing your name in print is always exciting. Especially when you are a tiny tot and life is full of pleasant anticipations and curiosity.

The ILMites are lucky in this regard.

Their imagination, artistic talent and keen observation abilities have been appreciated by popular publications like The Curious Owl – India’s first international newspaper for children and  Madhyamam – an important Malayalam newspaper.

But it is The Curious Owl that seems to have fallen in love with the efforts of the ILM tiny tots.

Glossy, colourful and just the right size for little hands, this interesting compilation of news from business, sports, politics and entertainment greets our students early in the morning. There is a sense of excitement as the little ones pore over the creative attempts of their peers showcased in The Owlet’s Corner and are motivated to garner similar appreciation.

After Nuha & Maryam, It’s Time for Four More Little Stars to Shine Bright:

Just last year ILMite Maryam Fatima Vakil had secured the distinction of being the youngest entrant in The Curious Owl’s essay competition and the school was proud of the maturity of her prose.

The year before Nuha had smiled sweetly from the pages of Madhyamam, claiming credit for her vibrant artwork.

And this time around it is the collaborative effort of Ananya Suresh, Akshath Suresh, Dia Zuhra Panakkat and Rafaa Fathima from the second standard that has been published on the Owlisms page.

The kids put their active imaginations together and penned a 6 line poem reminiscent of the quirky limericks of Edward Lear.

Here it goes:

A Rat who Got Chased by a Cat:
There was a rat that got caught by a cat,
It wanted its map
So he wouldn’t get into a trap.
I wish I could take a snap,
But I drifted into a nap.
Don’t dismiss this as scrap.


From having a distinct logic despite being whimsical to using words like “snap” that now have a separate contemporary meaning – the poem shines bright with the promise of proficiency.

No, we are definitely not dismissing this achievement as “scrap”.

Thank you Ananya, Akshath, Dia and Rafaa – we expect a lot more from you in the future.


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