Our students are regular celebrities.

They always have been the cynosure of our eyes.

But when popular publications like The Hindu’s Young World appreciate their creativity and talent, it is time for the teachers and the school to beam with pride.

Over the past two years, many ILM little stars including Nuha, MaryamAnanya, Akshath, Dia and Rafaa Fathima have seen their names in good print on the pages of regional dailies like Madhyamam and polished curators of newsworthy snippets like The Curious Owl.

We are absolutely delighted to say that Akshath Suresh has repeated his feat from earlier in 2017 by getting his short story featured on The Hindu’s Young World.

Mature Sentiments Meet Articulateness:

Over roughly eight poised lines, Akshath has displayed a remarkable awareness of life, social norms, scientific concepts and grace.

This second grader has instinctively picked on the fact that mothers make great sacrifices to see their children grow.

By choosing to have his character muse the possibility of time travel after his mother’s demise, he has channeled the same drive which energies Dr. Alexander Hartdegen in the classic “Time Machine” by H.G Wells.

The only element of the tale that gives away the age of this little wordsmith is the fact that his perception of deep past stops at the year 1995.

Akshath has a long way to go.

But he has had a solid start to what might be a wonderful career in poetry and prose.

He is a keen observer, a model student and a caring classmate.

We wish him all the very best in the world.