At ILM we love commemorating different festivals, international days and birthdays of exceptional individuals.  Sometimes we have corresponding activities at the school.  Either way, we always have a cute little graphic, e-greeting on our popular Facebook page celebrating the occasion.

As we close our first school year.  Here’s a review of the different occasions we’ve commemorated during the year.
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ilmilm_Dr Seuss-1 ilm_Dr Seuss ilm_Eid Milad ilm_eid mubarak ilm_happy childrens day ilm_happy diwali ilm_happy new year2014 ilm_happy onam ilm_happy republic day ilm_happy sankranti ilm_happy teachers day ilm_happy womens day ilm_human right day ilm_karnataka rajyotsava day ilm_Mark Twain ilm_merry christmas ilm_Roald Dahl Day ilm_social justice ilm_world blind day ilm_world cancer day