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Thank you, ILM!

Thank you, ILM!

Baliga is a parent at ILM Montessori. She also volunteers as a Teacher at our school where she teaches Physics and other STEM subjects to our Elementary students. I requested Baliga to write a blog post on her teaching experience at ILM. Her response gave us all a...

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Montessori Method FAQs

Have Questions about the Montessori Method? Get them all answered in this Visual Infographic!

First thing he has become very organized; whenever he plays at home he keeps all the toys back without me reminding him. His eating manners is very neat and finishing everything on time…He has begun loving school.

Malini Chatterjee

It is good to see that teachers in ILM make sure that parents are comfortable. When I ask Dia about her school she gives me a lot more than I ask her – She spelt ‘Ostrich’ the other day and I was like which 4 year old does that. She quizzes me to see if I know!


Whenever my daughter walks into this school every single day I know she is taking the baby steps in achieving those milestones. I am very very Happy that she is in the right place. The transformation in her has been amazing


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