Faculty and Advisors

Central to creating a sense of belonging our qualified and experienced teachers primarily take on the role of an affectionate caregiver. They promote and encourage active learning by creating a vibrant classroom atmosphere by meticulously planning an energetic and enriching schedule every day.

Our excellent student-teacher ratio guarantees individual attention, allowing your child to blossom at his/her own pace. With equal emphasis on academics and extracurricular activities, we firmly believe that every child is special and unique in their own way. Our passionate teachers will adequately prepare your child for future school years as they truly understand and pay close attention to every child’s needs and concerns. Going the extra mile, they concentrate on bonding with children to win their hearts and earn their trust.

In addition to their teaching skills they have been selected for possessing exemplary qualities like empathy, patience and creativity that qualify them firstly as role models and then teachers, enabling your child to develop self-esteem, skills, knowledge and positive attitude towards life.

Faculty & Staff

Rekha Ishwardas (Principal)

Ms. Rekha Ishwardas is a highly qualified Montessorian and experienced educator. She, among many literary achievements holds an Masters Degree in Inclusive Education from UK and a certificate in Montessori System for Primary Education. She was a senior teacher at NPS for 7 years before joining ILM Montessori.






Pre-Primary Teachers

Sneha Susan Philip

Hi! I’m Sneha. I have a bachelor’s degree in commerce and a diploma in Montessori pre-primary and elementary education.

I have been on this enriching journey of helping children grow for the past 14 years.

I began by teaching at Head Start Montessori. I have been fortunate to also be a part of a voluntary organisation for Montessori education in Seoul, South Korea.

My journey with ILM began last year and it has been fulfilling from the very first day.

There is something about a Montessori environment that makes me want to come back and give my very best every morning. Each child who walks in through the door brings something with him or her that challenges me to be a better Montessorian.

Parents sometime come and thank us Teachers for contributing to their children’s growth. But the truth is, that the privilege is mine. I’m honoured to be the one to help our little ones reach their maximum potential. To be their guide through trials, tribulations and successes.

Sujatha Ramanujam

It’s always been my passion to work with children.

Be it my children or others – their curiosity and their innocence still leave me in wonderment.

So when I had to choose a method of facilitating learning, there was no doubt, I had to pick the Montessori environment. It’s the best learning methodology out there – developed to benefit both the child and the adults nurturing them.

Montessori doesn’t restrict itself to concepts but focuses on the holistic development of the child. It ensures that by the time the child moves out of pre-primary, he/she is independent and does not need a parent to supervise them with daily activities. Be it putting on clothes, buttoning the shirts or tying shoelaces. This is accomplished through activities that gently push the mental and physical boundaries of the little ones.

The reason I mention this is because my older child is dyslexic. I learned that when he was 15 years old. He was just about to write his ICSE board exams.

He struggled at every juncture while the entire class moved ahead. I could so relate to him. As I faced the same challenges growing up.

When I was told that my child’s dyslexic but he had passed every class with children his age while coping with it, I felt nothing but pride.

However, I was still stuck with a lot of questions but no answers.

How about other children out there? Would they cope reasonably well too? What are the implications? On their learning, their self-esteem?

I was determined to find some answers.

As I read and researched I found the work of Maria Montessori. Her amazing single handed feat of creating the Montessori Method.

Till date, I have never reconsidered my choice to be a Montessori Guide. Instead of a teacher in the traditional educational system. I can say with confidence and pride that I have been able to help children at an early age where and when it’s the most needed.

As Maria Montessori said, “follow the child” and you’ll watch the rest unfold.

Sunitha B  V

I’m Sunitha. I hold a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and a Masters in Computer Applications. I have briefly worked in the software industry as a Product Developer and in Technical Support.

I got my first glimpse of the Montessori method of education when my son started going to a Montessori school. Initially, I was confused. Children of different ages were all together in one classroom? With no desks or chairs? Not even a blackboard?

The question in my mind was “How ever will the children be taught?”

But at the end of 3 years, all my doubts had melted. I was thrilled with my son’s progress!

I was so interested in the Montessori methodology that I had to learn more. I waited till my son had settled in his Primary education and got myself enrolled to do the Montessori course at the Indian Institute of Montessori Studies (IIMS).

During this course, I gained deep insights on how children learn and how we could facilitate that learning.

I then began my journey as a guide at ILM Montessori. It has been two years and it has been amazing!

Though I see it every day, I am still surprised how is it that children walk in through the door, choose their activities, complete them and move on to the next. It’s like they come planned for the day.

It’s such a joy to see the concentration with which the children work – be it stringing beads or cutting paper or the Trinomial Cube or the Division Board. The smiles on their faces when they successfully complete an activity is priceless. It’s the insatiable satisfaction of having helped a child learn a new skill that keeps me coming back for more.

This two-year cycle has been extremely rewarding for me. I look forward to more joy in the years to come.


Elementary Teachers

Umme Rabiya

Hi! I’m Umme Rabiya. I have been teaching for the last 9 years. The first 5 of which were with Sprouts Montessori followed by Valiants Academy for the next 2 years. Since then I’ve been with with ILM Montessori.

I chose Montessori because of the underlying philosophy of understanding each child’s needs as they grow and learn. What’s amazing about Montessori is that it helps the children help themselves. In the process of learning the Montessori way, the children become complete, independent, with a deep sense of inner-peace. Montessori encourages a child’s curiosity while fostering independence, concentration as well as social skills.

Every day I get to see a child’s face light up as they feel proud to have completed a task on their own. Though that moment may only last a few seconds, but those few seconds are priceless. I’m honoured that I play a part of shaping a child into a well-rounded individual.


Sakina Gulam Abbas Kara

Hello! I’m Sakina. Though my education is in Commerce, when I came to Bangalore a decade ago I decided to be a teacher. That’s because I so enjoy the company of children. Their eagerness, honesty and unconditional love.

After teaching at a conventional school for four years and loving my time with children, I was confident that I wanted to make teaching my lifelong companion. That said, there was something missing. Though I was present with the children in the classroom, I was uncertain. Am I really connecting with them? Is there has to be a better way to enable the child to learn comfortably? Eagerly?

Out of the blue, a friend spoke to me about the Montessori way of teaching. Intrigued, I applied for the course. To my surprise, the IMTC Elementary course was just what I was looking for.

Speaking and thinking about Dr. Montessori never ceases to amaze me. How a single individual could be so far sighted in her quest to do something for the child. Her scientific approach, her precise materials, presentations, the setting of the environment, training the adult leaves me simply spellbound.

The Indian Montessori Training Centre (IMTC) Elementary Course is extremely comprehensive. I feel so blessed that I am doing the IMTC elementary course and working at ILM. I have found my calling. This is indeed the best way to serve the child and the self.



Munira Aktar is a senior Montessorian who’s been the Principal at Little Feat Montessori for more than 15 years. She has a diploma in Montessori education from Holland and has been a faculty member at IMTC Bangalore for 7 years.

Dr. Ambar A. Qaiyum is an educator on the board of trustees of Oasis International School, Bangalore. She has a Diploma in Teacher Training from Cambrdge (CIDTT) and is presently studying Curriculum Development in faith schools for a Post Graduate Program in Education with the University of Bath, UK.