A Visit to Bannerghatta Zoo and Butterfly Park

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A detour from the everyday is a luxury for adults. And yet, when we take a little excursion, we don’t enjoy it nearly as much.

But not with kids. Kids look at everything with wide-eyed wonder, adult-world responsibility, and the relentless pursuit of something else does not taint their imagination. So it wasn’t surprising that our kids at ILM loved their field trip.

We went to Bannerghatta Zoo and to the butterfly park nestled in that zoo.

In the morning, children flocked in their files and hopped onto the bus after our teachers did the headcount. As with all fun bus journeys, there was contagious elation in the bus! Kids were ready to take an up-close look at the animals they’d read about in story books and classes.

Some chaotic fun in the bus

This year, our kids learned a lot about taxonomy and classification. They also learned a ton about Bangalore’s butterflies. It wouldn’t be Montessori if it didn’t involve hands-on learning. So Bannerghatta Zoo was the perfect choice.

What’s better? To merely look at pictures and their scientific names italicized below or actual species of animals, insects, and plants right after the lessons when the memory is still fresh in our heads? Undoubtedly the more vivid we can make an experience the better it is to understand and connect with the subject. Memorizing the lesson becomes a happy byproduct.

Once the bus decked to its stop at the Zoo, we had to huddle together and take a picture.

A group picture!

We then went on a safari to see the animals up close. Kids looked around in anticipation to spot their favorite animals and wowed when they saw the ferocious wild cats! Our teachers dispensed tiny lessons for them along the way, recalling to the kids what they had learned in the class and what it meant to see the words come alive.

Undoubtedly some of the most adorably ferocious cats!

Now onto meeting the actual beasts!

During one such moment, one of our kids questioned why the lion was the king of the jungle when it was lazy and a laugh erupted among us.

Wild cats ready for afternoon siesta

Elephants or as our students would probably call them ‘Ele-friends’

After lunch, the kids collected their excitement to gear up for the magnificent butterfly park. Their excitement made them look akin to butterflies being released in the wild! 

Contagious excitement!

ILM butterflies were ready to meet real butterflies

Seeing so many native butterflies only increased the importance and love of nature’s fluttery fairy dust. The sheer variety and colours of these butterflies had us in awe. We saw cocoons dangling from leaves, like little knots at the cusp of beginning their lives. Their fluttering looked like nature’s tender and majestic kaleidoscope.

Sneaky friends!

Fluttery Magic!

Kids were able to recall many of the butterflies they had seen and learned about in class. Our teachers beamed with joy and pride when these tiny heads recalled organisms easily and enthusiastically. You could see an equal mix of curiosity and reverence in their eyes. 

We got back home and on the way back, some moments of quiet enfolded the bus. Kids were naturally tired from their hopping around and expedition. We got back home by 3.30 with another day added to our collective archive of fun and learning.