Montessori for Pre- Primary (for 2 to 6 year olds)

Our pre-primary curriculum is designed to guide the curious minds of children aged between 2 to 6 years as they experience rapid, emotional and social growth, and focuses on five main areas. They include activities which are complementary and connected to each other in nature, allowing your child’s learning to progress in a smooth and logical fashion.

Exercises of Practical Life:

IMAG1097These activities allow your child to learn and master basic and useful activities, social graces and manners of daily life, that help him become independent and confident.
Your child will learn how to eat, clean and serve by him/herself etc, making your life much easier.


As the word suggests, activities in this area make your child aware of all the senses that will help in differentiating between various textures, sounds, smells and colors, helping him in other subjects like math, geometry etc.
For example, the Cylinder Blocks and Pink Tower activity teaches your child to order and classify, in relation to height, length and width.


Your child is encouraged to express verbally through storytelling, describe the object sessions and is taught to trace, recognize and link letters with their sounds and written form.
By age of 4 he/she would be able to spell while reading and writing skills are refined by the age of 5.


nessaConcepts of math are absorbed by using exciting materials like board games to understand Maths and geometrical concepts. By the age of 6, you child will be able to add, subtract, multiply and divide.
For example, your child will eventually learn to read the time, the golden beads help them understand the decimal system (it is really that simple!) and number rods and cards to understand the sequence and value of numbers to name just a few.

Art and Culture:

Subjects like geography are thought through maps, botany through gardening and zoology through animal models are covered in this area.
Clay modelling, finger and vegetable painting make up just some of the many art activities we have in store for your child. Various religious festivals and national days are celebrated too.