The Montessori Classroom

IMAG1221-1 Our Montessori classroom is a beautifully designed space where children develop the desire to learn subjects like math, science, geography, history and language by doing things, interacting with others, working with material and grasping concepts and ideas with ease.

The environment with its simple aesthetics is pleasing and comfortable for your child with learning materials laid out in low lying shelves. With floor-mats and “chowkis”, your child can sit and choose to work with materials according to his/her interests.

While some prefer to work independently, our teachers observe and gently guide as most interactions take place among children, who with time, learn to enjoy working in little groups.

You will find the older ones helping out the younger ones while they actively engage in collaborative work. However, despite being given the freedom to choose their own materials and activities, order and discipline is effortlessly maintained in the environment.

Your child will gradually yet surely learn how to look after their personal hygiene as self-grooming and cleanliness form an integral part of the curriculum and are valued and appreciated.

The eye-catching yellow oval line on the floor is utilized several times a day during, “Circle Time” for group presentations of material, snack-time, games, celebrations and various group activities.

Our children’s creative minds are reflected through the work they create in the “Artroom” where they indulge in a variety of activities that includes more than just painting and drawing.

The environment also has a little library where our daily “story-time” activity takes place. Children read listen and learn to tell stories themselves.

With the teacher as the link, our learning environment together with the outdoor play are and the sandpit builds an atmosphere of learning that inculcates life skills and helps to build your child’s overall personality and character.