Who We Are


ILM Montessori is managed by the ILM Foundation, a non-profit organization that is committed towards establishing an educational institution that will inspire individuals to excel and be guided by a sense of responsibility towards the Creator and His Creation.
Our founding members and trustees are a group of close knit friends bound by a common vision and mission. Their quest to find the ideal school for their own children culminated in an initiative to invest their time and resources towards the establishment, progress and development of ILM Montessori.

The Founders

The board of trustees is dynamic and eclectic and this is reflected in the diversity of their professional backgrounds ranging from doctors to artists, entrepreneurs to property developers. Well-known, accomplished and respected their own fields, they take great pride in their endeavour to build ILM into an educational institution complete with quality infrastructure and management meant for both your and their children.

  • Dr. Taha Mateen, Director Acura Hospital
  • Syed Masroor, Software Engineer
  • Arif Vakil, Director Vakil Housing
  • Navaid Alam, Software Engineer
  • Mohammed Ali Vakil, Creative Director Sufi Studios
  • Omar Farook, Software Engineer
  • Imtiaj Kaji, Entrepreneur
  • Vasim Patel, Software Engineer