Last Monday, we celebrated one of the most anticipated birthdays at ILM when Anyra turned two years old.

IMG_0696It was hard to take our eyes off Anyra who looked every bit like a Birthday Belle in her beautiful billowing white frilly frock with matching socks and a bow hairband.

In our previous birthday celebrations the kids including the birthday boy or girl were usually kept in the dark. It was only during snack-time that they were surprised with a cake and the visiting parent.

IMG_0697However, with Anyra we broke this tradition. The staff members were the first to gush with glee and wish her as Anyra’s unusually shy demeanour, courtesy her dress garnered a lot of attention from her classmates who knew that a birthday celebration was imminent.

IMG_0698Snack-time was just fifteen minutes away, but sensing the kids’ eagerness, we decided to begin the celebrations. Anyra excitedly took part in the birthday ritual by carrying the globe herself and circling the yellow line twice.

Anyra’s happiness knew no bounds as her face lit up the minute her mother walked into the environment. She excitedly showed her mother around the environment and her favorite place- the reading room. After she settled down, all the kids gathered around and waited patiently for the cake to arrive.

IMG_0705And this time, we made them wait for a little while by singing the “Happy Birthday” song before the cake was presented. The kids and staff were really in for a surprise as the “Angry birds” chocolate cake, was by far our quirkiest and tastiest cake we’ve had at ILM. ๐Ÿ™‚

IMG_0710For a couple of our new kids, this was their first birthday and they were visibly excited to be a part of this celebration. Some new traditions were made, as the birthday song was sung thrice! Once before the cake arrived, the second time when the cake was presented and the third, when the first slice of cake was cut.

To add to the fun and drama, two different kinds candles were lit, one large number two candle and the other were two small candles. The large candle was blown easily, but the small ones proved to be quite a challenge for Anyra as they kept lighting up again and again.

Soon after the celebrations, Anyra like all everyone else on their birthdays was given the rest of the day off to celebrate with her family and close ones.
As cliched as it sounds, despite Anyra turning 2 and growing up, for everyone at ILM she’ll always be remembered as the little nineteen month old darling who stole our hearts when we first met her in her mother’s arms. ๐Ÿ™‚