What do you do when seeing the names of your students in good print becomes an (almost) everyday occurrence?

You smile broad, enjoy the moment and revel in the inquisitiveness, intelligence and profoundness of their young ideas. That is exactly what the teachers at ILM have been doing.

  • First, it was Nuha – the little Picasso with her vibrant artwork in the Madhyamam.
  • Then it was Maryam Fatima Vakil who won hearts with her discerning account of being an adult for a day.
  • Within a few short months of this recognition Ananya Suresh, Akshath Suresh, Dia Zuhra Panakkat and Rafaa Fathima flew high on the back of a decidedly “Edward Lear limerick” creation that presented the antics of cats and rats set to a refreshing rhythm.
  • Akshath also went on to conquer the pages of the Young Hindu publication with his deceptively mature short story about time travel.

Phew! The list grows longer and longer.

The Wandering Panakkat Sisters:

Dia is no stranger to print adulation.  But this time her sister Shanaya shared the moment in the limelight as their travelogue found a place of pride in the Curious Owl.

The siblings wrote enthusiastically and knowledgeably about their visit to Korea and Japan.

They pointed out sites of national heritage like the famous “Re-Unite Korea” statue and of global importance like the atom-bomb devastated Hiroshima.

Dia & Shanaya’s Write-Up


Gratifying Camaraderie:

As Dia and Shanaya read out the snippet, their little peers gathered around with smiles and wishes.  Their friends and classmates have always displayed genuine pleasure and a healthy desire to replicate the feat.  What more can we as teachers wish for from these global citizens of tomorrow?