Friends Forever


It was sheer coincidence as a tender blossoming friendship that culminated in mid June was celebrated around Friendship Day, as the kids bid farewell to Rhea (first from right in pic), their NRI classmate who spent her two month summer vacation at ILM Montessori.

The kids were a bit disappointed when Lubna, their teacher led them into the “Artroom” instead of taking them out to play.

Their disappointment soon turned to curiosity and excitement as big bottles of paint, glitters, brushes and a cardboard sheet were laid out before them.

One by one their hands were painted in a color of their choice, Rhea was asked to recollect the name of her friend as he/she simultaneously made their hand-print on the sheet of cardboard.

The significance of this exercise was explained to the kids when they were told that it was Rhea’s last day at school.

Rhea was then presented with the card that would remind her of the new friends and the time she spent at ILM Montessori.


Although Rhea like all kids took a while to settle down, she managed to mingle and interact well with all the kids.

She was extremely courteous and generous enough to allow her friends to ride on her pink cycle (on which she arrived every morning), a trait that is not common among kids today.

Fondly known as the “girl in pink” due to her love for clothes in shades in pink, she amazed us with ability to wear and carry off Indian outfits at school with such grace, elegance and ease.

As she heads back to the USA, ILM Montessori will miss her dearly and hope that Rhea takes some good memories back home of a summer vacation that was well spent in making friends from across the globe while exploring her cultural roots.