Nuhas drawing

Nuha Faizal’s Artwork

The legend is simple! The caption of this vibrant drawing says: ‘Nuha Faizal, Std I, ILM Montessori school, Koramangala, B’lore—

But little things can have a great impact and this is one of those instances. Nuha Faizal has done us immensely proud. The very fact that her innocent work was chosen by Malyalam newspaper ‘Madhyamam’ stands testament to her budding talent and ILM is also basking in her glory! Way to go Nuha!

We would like to invite our blog readers and ILM parents to pen their thoughts in the comments below and give our little Picasso inspiration that will encourage her to push forward and achieve greater highs.

Expecting more ILM prodigies to spread our name far and wide! 🙂