Early this year, we emphatically decided to take a concrete step towards the path of education. As we let the word out on our venture, rumblings of anticipation were being heard and few months later, we officially launched our school, ILM Montessori.


8th of June 2013 will forever be cherished and etched in our memory as the day we proudly inaugurated ILM amidst our invitees, parents and our near and dear ones. It was a formal gathering to interact with and hear from our Founders/Trustees, Advisors and Teaching faculty of ILM and guest speakers.

The evening’s proceedings began with an “Open House” session. The learning materials were displayed and demonstrated by our teaching faculty inside the environment.


It was an opportunity for the curious kids and parents to understand the learning process by engaging themselves with the material for the first time.



The “Open House” was soon followed by our Founder/Trustee Mr. Arif Vakil’s short speech expressing his gratitude and welcoming the gathering.


Keeping in mind that our guests for the evening also included our first ever batch of parents, we invited Mrs. Aparna Desraj, an accomplished Montessorian, Trainer and Faculty of IIMS (Indian Institute of Montessori Studies) to have an interactive session “Why Montessori?” This session primarily highlighted the benefits of the Montessori Method, familiarizing our audience with the Montessori Pedagogy.



A special “FAQ” session soon followed to address the parents’ frequently asked questions. This was conducted by Minu and Nilam both renowned Montessorians and Directors of the Creative Foundation.


Our advisory board memebers Mrs Munira Akhtar and Mrs. Shenaz Shakir were honoured along with Mrs. Mukherjee a highly regarded Montessorian and Educationist for their continuous support and encouragement by Mr. Mohsin Vakil.


To spare the kids from boredom while the parents attentively heard and actively participated in the interactive sessions, we organized an “Art Activity” for the kids to enjoy and have fun.



Saving the best for last and perhaps the highlight of the evening, Dr. Mateen our Founder/Trustee explained the vision behind starting ILM Montessori emphasizing the need in today’s ailing society for establishing an education system that values morality and regards the path of truth as its beacon.


Our Principal, Mrs. Seema Jagirdar wrapped up the evening’s proceedings with the vote of thanks by expressing our heartfelt gratitude to our well wishers, family, friends and all those who helped and had gathered to making the evening special and successful.