1378605_591985380861242_1008753800_nThis Dussehra vacation Marshmallow conducted a 2 week long exciting and fun-filled Science and General Knowledge program at ILM Montessori.

Marshmallow believes in the concept of ‘learning with fun’ by involving young children above the age of three in essential everyday life practices. Tapping into their energetic and curious minds, Marshmallow designs various lively and innovative programs that enables kids to channelize their energy and time in a constructive manner.

1380391_591983780861402_1975092879_nLime & Light was just one of their many such productive vacation programs for kids aged between 3 to 6 years that helped to educate and answer questions about a variety of interesting scientific and general knowledge facts.

1238223_591985340861246_1983134224_nThe program covered a host of topics like Germination, Colour forms, Earthquakes, Volcanoes, Sinking and Floating objects, the Solar System and the Creatures of the Deep Sea to name a few. By making use of everyday objects to explain everyday natural processes, the kids were given an opportunity to engage with science like never before.

1381665_591986110861169_657272762_nTheories and concepts were first understood and then learnt as all the activities were specifically designed to allow the kids to see, touch and even create. For example, the concept of floating and sinking objects involved a drawing activity where kids were asked to draw and color the objects that would float and sink. The facilitators further explained how, why and which objects float and sink in water by demonstrating it using a big bowl of water and both objects that would float and sink.

1391918_591984667527980_1377123627_nSuch practical demonstrations ignites the curiosity to understand and more importantly question as they try to make sense of the world around them.

1384384_591983764194737_325191773_nThe were never a dull moment as every activity was unique and gave these little Einsteins something to look forward to and physically take back home every single day.

1390499_591985257527921_1634256224_nFor instance, the germination and volcano activities allowed them to witness and experience the growth of a seed and the explosion volcano they made.

Needless to say, the kids enjoyed this journey that seamlessly explored volcanoes, planets and creatures of the deep sea all in a matter of ten days!

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