ILM Children Enjoying Their Morning News

Oh dear! Trump’s at it again.

Have you ever seen such an inspiring sight?

Tiny tots engrossed in reading newspapers?

Sitting in neat little rows and exchanging tid-bits they find interesting as they follow stories with rapt attention?

ILM has a novel tradition. Mornings start on a note of awareness with students diving into current affairs in the Curious Owl (India’s first current affairs newspaper for children) or international news in the Hindu Young World.

We like to think that it is this take on adult perspective that helped ILMite Maryam Fatima Vakil get published in the Curious Owl and with the distinction of being the youngest entrant in their essay competition.

She chose the interesting topic, ‘You woke up one morning and looked in the mirror. You are suddenly an adult. Write about your day‘ and imbued it with a mix of child like fascination meets adult cognisance of whats happening around her. You can read her handiwork below.

Maryam Fatima Vakil's Entry

This isn’t the first time that ILM Students have been published.  Just sometime back, Nuha Faizal did us proud with her imagination and her color palette, when her art was chosen by Malyalam newspaper ‘Madhyamam’.

Congratulations Maryam! Keep weaving magic with your words.

Dear Blog Readers and ILM Parents, please drop in a few words of encouragement in the comments below.  Your remarks will motivate Maryam endlessly as well as inspire other students to hone their craft and scribe imaginative stories.