The Kids Playing up a Storm

The importance of regular exercise in boosting the physical stamina and general health of children can’t be denied. But with a myriad television channels, high tech gaming consoles and the ubiquitous smart phones encroaching on and vitiating the innocent pleasures of little ones, school may very well be the best arena to stretch those muscles and also push the boundaries of growth and multi-faceted development.

We at ILM understand that engaging in sporting activities not only nurtures team spirit and a tendency to collaborate without quibbling, it also provides pliable young spirits with the toughness and self-confidence that is valued in today’s uber-competitive world. In short being only a bookworm doesn’t make Johnny bright any more!


Many people say they feel an aura of a teacher around me. I just seem like the kind of woman who would thrive in the garden of education. Well if that is true then the talented and versatile Bobby Singh has the walk and talk of an accomplished, proficient sportswoman. It is kind of fait accompli!

Bobby Singh

The Inimitable Bobby Singh

Her feats are many. She was a part of the National Women’s Cricket Team at the tender age of 14 and went on to win a silver medal for rifle shooting at the University Level. What’s more….Bobby represented the state of Jharkhand as a baseball player over a decade ago!

To say that sports is in her blood would be an understatement. She epitomizes the grace and dedication of an athlete and stands for living with meaning and purpose! Bobby has found her calling in moulding young hearts and minds with the pleasant rigours of her beloved games and it is fortunate for us as we can reap the rewards of her perseverance.

She is at the helm of Avishkaar…a unique endeavour geared towards providing sports classes that focus on one kind of activity for a full 30 days. It is an unprecedented approach to physical education that has traditionally been relegated to the corner as an excuse to take a break from the monotony of rote learning. But with an increasing awareness around the necessity to balance studies and extra-curricula, Bobby’s brain child is all set to touch highs of success.


I am particularly proud to announce that ILM and Avishkaar will now join hands and work to better the future of our tiny tots. The students will be given classes once a week where they will be encouraged to understand, learn and experiment with the basics of a particular sport in great detail and depth. A full month will be dedicated to a chosen game. So if it is basketball, the kids will learn its rules, participate in drills and devote their time and energy to excelling at it, without the distraction of other activities. To me this means:

  • Being gradually exposed to a plethora of games
  • Having the time to test proficiency at them and thus possibly discover an innate knack for some. I term it ‘sports-calling’.
  • Internalizing without outside intervention the amazing character building qualities each sport has to offer. The gentlemen’s game cricket helps embody fairness, basketball a team spirit and archery patience and precision.

We will be covering Hockey, Baseball, Rugby and Football as well. The diversity and potential benefits pleases me no end!

We have enjoyed a demo class and we have loved every second. Just sharing some highlight moments so that you too can anticipate the positive changes in your wards and charges over the days to come!

The Bugles Sound! Let the Games Begin!

Gathering Around in Anticipation

Reaching for the Stars

Bobby Turned Things up a Notch

A Balancing Act

And Some Big Kids Joined the Fun Too! 🙂

We all Fall Down! Phew!