How often do we have screen-time deliberations with children ?

Have those discussions manifolded in the last year and led to exasperation ?

Given the pandemic situation what alternatives do we have in place of the screen-time ?

You are lucky that you don’t have to look very far. It’s right under your nose and there can be no better option than gifting children the joy of reading.

Not reading just anything, but the best of children’s literature. 


ILM is proud that one of Bangalore’s best children’s libraries has a centre in the premises of our school.

Cosy Nook Library is a labour of love of its librarians Radhika Sathe Mantri and Sudeshna Shome Ghosh. They believe in the power of reading and the value of books. Every book in the library is chosen with care and thought. 

It has close to 2,500 books for children of all ages and across genres. The librarians keep up with the latest trends in children’s writing. They make sure to add lesser-known titles along with timeless classics.

There is also a special emphasis on books by Indian writers as well as a good collection of non-fiction titles. As you read this blog, more books are being added to the collection.

The physical space of Cosy Nook is truly warm and welcoming. There is something for every child and they are made to feel important and valued. They can choose books of their choice or look to the librarians for suggestions. In both cases, readers are transported to a wonderful new world.

The library started on 26th Jan 2020 on a wonderful and promising note. The opening was attended by children, parents, authors and illustrators. There was storytelling on the lawns, cake and chai for the guests and the place was abuzz with the hum of children reading and choosing books. It was incredible to witness the magic at work—the love of reading getting passed on to more and more children. It was a truly fabulous beginning for the library. 

Unfortunately, within two months the pandemic struck and the library had to close with the lockdown. But it opened again as soon as it was possible, and bounced back with more books on its shelves.

In the one year of its existence, Cosy Nook Library has emerged as a hub of quality books for the children of the city.

It is also a favourite destination for the biggest names in children’s writing in India. Many of them have visited the library, or launched their new books here. And have generously donated their time and books for the library.

It has resulted in a new family of book lovers and is going strong. A lot is being planned for this summer too and this is an invitation for you to join the neighbourhood book-lover’s clique. 

Cosy Nook has announced its annual Summer Reading Challenge !!!

Children have to read as many books as they can, to win the challenge! 

Reading certain categories of books get them extra points, and in this way they are gently nudged not only to become happier readers, but to also expand their reading list by trying out new authors and genres.

Dear children, stop streaming and start reading !

The summer reading challenge runs from 1st April to 31st May, and has already been met with much enthusiasm by the library’s members. There is a fun experience awaiting all the winners. Shopping for books? Lunch with an author? Tea-party? Find out !

In addition, the library is also offering a summer special membership for those who want to try out the library during the holidays.

Now that a lot of activities have opened up, the library is back in full swing. It is open to visitors, with all safety precautions, and sanitising every book before being placed back on the shelves. 

The timings are Monday, Thursday, Saturday 3-5 pm. 

Write to 

Or call: 95131 19420